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To be recognized as the leading construction company for excellent, effective, and desirable quality of craftsmanship. To complete builds and renovations of all types and size to the highest standard of workmanship, meeting the most meticulous of demands.

Laferriere Construction has been in business since 2013. A father and son teamed up combining years of experience with new construction science, to bring a higher quality of service and craftsmanship.


Laferriere Construction has been leading a crew of workers for three years, doing everything from planning, sketching, framing, roofing, decking, siding, windows, interior work, flooring, custom tile work, and fine finishing work. From small touch ups and repairs, to new construction, and complex/major renovation, they have worked endlessly under the simple motto that caring and taking pride in your work is the most important thing you can bring to a job site.


Laferriere Construction is an incorporated company that offers carpentry skills. Focussing on residential and light commercial construction, the business is geared to offer the best craftsmanship at an affordable cost. Building from the ground up or doing extensive renovations and additions, this company has the skills to tackle every job.

We are your neighbours, your friends, your family. You see us driving around town, shop in your stores and dealing in your places of business, we are part of your community. As such we promise to be the best that we can be for this community . We promise to operate honestly, with intergrity, and with the highest ethics, morals and principals. We will always give you our best quality of design, work, and craftsmanship. We are here for the long run, we proudly stand for and guarantee all the work that we do. The pride we take in our work and the satisfaction we get from appreciative clients is what makes us strive for perfection.
Ian Laferriere
Laferriere Construction
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