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“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”    Benjamin Franklin


after coming home from Mexico and getting this surprise there are no words as to how I heart is so full for my family and all they have done together to pull off this ultimate surprise it is truly amazing. Thank you Ian Laferriere, and his dad Claude for doing this amazing job in just one week

Tracy Ouimet, Haileybury

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Ian Laferriere, Owner

Fully completed shed put up in just under 4 days. Amazing contractors Ian Laferriere! So happy we got it done before the wedding

Cassie Plouffe, Harris Township

Big thanks to Ian Laferriere at Laferrier Construction for the awesome work on our kitchen Reno! Our highly recommend him with any of your construction needs ! Give him a call at 1-705-622-1818

Travis Ouimet, Haileybury

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